Coffee Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Caffeine Lover


 coffee gifts

Holiday seasons are a time for gathering with family and friends for the festivities and merry times we look forward to each year. It’s a time to relax, a time for making memories, and a time for indulging your caffeine appreciation with these perfect coffee gifts.

18 Coffee Gifts for Caffeine Aficionado’s

Gift Ideas under $20

1. Tetris Heat Changing Mug

1_-_tetris_heat_changing_mug crop

Before pouring a coffee the Tetris screen is blank, but as the cup warms up the game appears, complete with moving pieces. This is a no brainer for the coffee lover in your life that is also a Tetris fan. They’ll get a real kick out of it, and it’s fun to watch it appear and then disappear when the coffee has been finished.

Price Guide: $7 approx

2. Grow Your Own Coffee


Take charge of your cup of coffee at the source. Growing your own coffee is the next logical step if you’ve already started roasting and grinding your own beans.

At the very least this gives a better idea of what goes into a cup of coffee, watching the plant grow and eventually produce the beans that end up in your cuppa.

Price Guide: $7 approx

3. USB Heated Mug

All that’s required for this heated mug is to plug it into any computer’s USB port and the contents stay hot all day long. This makes for a great mug for the office, and will ensure there’s always piping hot coffee for those times when they need a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Price Guide: $16 approx

4. Blast Off Espresso Cups


The design of these espresso cups is very cute, but also serves as an analogy for the way you feel after having an espresso. Time to blast off and get everything done that you need to get done for the day.

Price Guide: $15 approx

5. Espresso Supply Grinder Brush

The perfect gift for the conscious coffee lover, an espresso grinder brush to clean up leftover dust.

Price Guide: $6 approx

6. Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault


Any coffee lover knows that there’s nothing worse than stale coffee beans. This stainless steel coffee will extend the life of those beautiful beans you the owner wont need to drink another stale espresso.

Price Guide: $15 approx

Gift Ideas under $50

7. Chemex Coffee Maker


One of our favorite coffee makers currently available on the market. Affordable, efficient and simple – a combo difficult to beat. All you need to do is place the coffee grounds into the cone-shaped filter up top, pour hot water over them, and grip the polished wood collar to pour a tasty cup of hot coffee.

Price Guide: $40 approx

8. French Press Coffee Maker

If they don’t already have a French press coffee maker, it’s high time you get them one. This is a time-tested way to make a nice batch of coffee and is as easy as adding the water to the coffee beans and giving it time to steep.

Price Guide: $25 approx

9. One Minute Coffee Maker


Usually a slower brewing time is boasted as provided the best cup of coffee, but this little guy promises to whip not only fast coffee, but great tasting coffee as well. The trick is that it uses a special filter and just the right amount of air pressure to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Price Guide: $30 approx

10. Death Wish Coffee


This is billed as the world’s strongest coffee, and it’s pretty easy to see why they might be right. They’re using highly caffeinated coffee beans, and giving this a dark, rich color so it’s not your cheap and nasty stuff. The best part of waking up is actually waking up thanks to a strong dose of caffeine.

Price Guide: $20 approx

11. Vacuum Coffee Saver

Taking the air out of the container goes a long way to preserving the freshness of your beans. True coffee lovers know that keeping your beans fresh is an important element of having your coffee turn out just the way you like it. It’s a proven way of keeping things fresh, and now gives you the ability at home.

Price Guide: $25 approx

12. Splat Tamping Mat

This is tamping mat that has a different flair than most. It’s function is to protect your counter tops and tamper from damage while you’re tamping. Might as well make it fun and have it look like it’s running off the counter.

Price Guide: $25 approx

13. KRUPS Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

One of the best selling budget powered grinder’s on the market in 2015. Not only can the Krup’s grind your coffee beans, just pop your favorite spices in to ensure your cooking fresh paprika or basil. Not bad for under $20!

13_-_krups_f203_electric_spice_and_coffee_grinder 500p

Price Guide: $20 approx

Gift Ideas under $100

14. Filter-Drip Coffeemaker

Chemex’s Hand Blown Glass Coffee Maker with Wood Collar and Tie is a specialty designed coffee maker that slowly brews the coffee, so it might not be best for those that need their coffee in a hurry. But it’s great for those slow weekend mornings when you have time to let the coffee slow drip, and even more time to appreciate the drinking process.

Price Guide: $100 approx

15. Japanese Coffee Maker

Hario “Technica” 5-Cup Coffee Syphon


Precision counts when making coffee, and often we look to Japan when it comes to getting things exactly right. Hario produce great coffee making equipment, we rate their grinder as the ‘best bang for buck’ on a budget. With this coffee maker you’ll notice that it has a simple design, which means there isn’t too much that can go wrong. Ground beans and water go into the top, great-tasting coffee comes out the bottom.

Price Guide: $80 approx

16. Java Express Shoulder Tote


This mini backpack provides you with everything you need to enjoy coffee for two just about anywhere. A wonderful addition to any picnic, or just to sip a nice coffee outdoors. The pack is insulated to help keep the coffee hot, and contains mugs, napkins, and teaspoons, as well as containers for cream and sugar.

Price Guide: $70 approx

17. Mypressi Twist Portable Espresso Maker

The Mypressi system makes it so you can have an espresso without the need of a giant espresso machine cluttering things up. It uses gas cartridges to make it so you can whip up a batch of espresso using a handheld unit. The best part is it’s already been peer-proven to work, and work well.

Price Guide: $50 approx

Gift Ideas under $200

18. Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker

19_-_handpresso_auto_espresso_maker 500p

Readers of the Coffeeholic blog already know that we’re huge fans of the team at Handpresso. They make some pretty remarkable mobile coffee devices, and their espresso maker is a fan favorite. While it doesn’t make a huge cup of joe, it’s 16-bar pressure is created on the road with a 12v cigarette lighter, and is capable of heating up a cup of coffee in under 2 minutes.

Price Guide: Under $200