5 Simple Tips to Make the Ultimate Iced Coffee

coffeehouseIced coffee is delicious and refreshing. While it’s drunk year-round, it’s especially satisfying when outdoor temperatures climb. If you love iced coffee and you’d like to save money by making your own iced coffee at home, you’ll love our guide.

We are here to show you 5 ways to brew better iced coffee! Once you’ve learned these secrets, you’ll be ready to get coffeehouse results, without the coffeehouse price tag!

#1. Do a Cold Brew

When you choose to brew your coffee with cold water, you’ll access a sweeter taste which is a lot less acidic. This method takes away bitterness and it’s a great way to get authentic, iced-coffee taste at home. In fact, brewing coffee cold has the power to remove more than sixty percent of its acidity.

To brew cold coffee, just do what you do when you make hot coffee, but use cold water instead. It’s easy and the results are wonderful.

#2. Make the Coffee On the Previous Night

Making your coffee in advance will be a great way to prepare it for iced coffee drinks the next day. We recommend utilizing a French press with cold water, rather than hot or boiling water.

Coffee grounds may steep for a while and this will enrich the overall flavor of the coffee. Giving the coffee time to sit (put it into the fridge) will make it possible for you to access taste which is less bitter. A lot of coffeehouses use this method and you can, too.


#3. Experiment with Different Blends

Trying out different kinds of coffee is a great way to get the excellent iced coffee taste that you want. Some people prefer bold and rich blends, while others like things milder.

Playing around with different types of coffee and using a cold water brewing method will allow you to enjoy more variety. As well, adding different things to prepared coffee, from milk to cream to flavored syrups and beyond, will be an excellent way to enjoy plenty of unique tastes.

#4. Fill Ice Cube Trays With Coffee

Another strategy which is practical and convenient is to put iced coffee in ice cube trays. Add your favorite cold-brewed coffee and then freeze. When it’s time to drink, just add ice cubes in a glass and then add milk and/or sugar if you want to.

You may also want to add the ice cubes to hot coffee in order to make it cold quickly. There are many ways to use this trick!


#5. Use More Coffee and Less Water

If you want more rich iced-coffee taste, be sure to use less water and add more coffee. That’s the key to unlocking superb flavor. Just play with the coffee and water ratios in order to get the effect that you want. Once you’ve tried this trick, you’ll find that your iced coffee has more kick. As well, you’ll find that any milk or sugar you add doesn’t dilute the rich coffee taste too much.

Now that you know 5 ways to brew better iced coffee, you’ll be ready to enjoy superior taste, anytime.